Login As a Member

Members who are part of an account group, may see a manage account groups button on the site main page, if enabled by a site administrator. To "login as" a member for support or testing purposes, click the manage button to access the manage members pop-up window.  In the pop-up window, click the login as icon that is shown to the left of the member's user name.  A new window will open.  You will be taken to the site home page already logged in as the selected user.


You may select multiple "login as" links in succession from the pop-up window.  Each time you select a "login as" link, any previously opened browser windows will use the login credentials, of the most recent member you have selected a "login as" icon for.

When logging in as a member, you will be in a "support mode".  This mode does not affect the new/unread icons, login time, nor does it log page views for the user in the community.  Be sure to exit this mode by clicking the "Logout" option on the bottom of the navigation bar while visiting a community, or by clicking the "Logout" option on the site main page. Upon selecting the "Logout" option, you will be reverted to the original member that you logged into the site with.  Any site or community browser windows open, will now use the login credentials of the original member.

Important: Once you "login as" a member, any browser windows open and logged into the site, or one of it's communities, will now be logged in as the new member.  However, the "login as" links located in the manage members pop-up window will still be active, regardless of which member you have logged in as.