Connect, engage and collaborate with customers, employees and members in a Ramius online community solution.

For over a decade Ramius has built ground-breaking social software, bringing people together to connect, engage and collaborate with intuitive ease and reliability.

Whatever you need to do, from gathering business insights that go beyond surveys, innovating and co-developing the next big thing, building brand advocates or empowering employees to work smarter, it can be done using one of Ramius' suite of online community software solutions.

We've got you covered.

Whether you're using one of our professional, white-labelled software solutions, or drawing on more than a decade of services expertise designing and implementing community solutions, like many of the world's leading organizations, you can have confidence in choosing Ramius.

Combining online community with activity-based research tools and discussion forums into a unique insights platform.

Recollective is the most intuitive online platform you can use to build powerful research communities and gather insights.

Whether you're a professional researcher or simply a person interested in discovering new insights from your customers, Recollective includes everything necessary to create compelling and highly participative online research communities.

Mobile or desktop, as an on-demand "pop-up" community or to support continuous insights, Recollective's guided activities and discussions, response feeds, moderation, analysis and reporting tools make it easy to design and run research studies for any purpose.

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An enterprise social networking platform that securely connects your public-facing and private business teams to communicate and collaborate anywhere.

Improving productivity, communication and the timely flow of information to the right people doesn't have to be difficult.

Sixent is a social software service that combines the power of online communities, social networking and modern web-publishing tools to help your business communicate, collaborate and work more productively than ever before.

Using Sixent, organizations can connect anyone, anywhere into a single, powerful network. Sixent delivers features such as real-time activity streams, profiles, groups, content creation and sharing, ideation tools, wikis and selective permission / visibility controls help the right people discover and share information, develop ideas and work together securely.

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